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Sep 23, 2016

Я еду в Израиль, что из косметики купить?

Ребята привет и добро пожаловать на мой блог.
В свое время именно с блога началась моя история с ютубом, блог  ушел на задний план, но так или иначе для него всегда было маленькое теплое местечко в моем сердце. Так что сегодня у нас маленькое возрождение и попытка начать новую страницу и в этот раз на русском языке :)
Ну а теперь по теме. Один из самых популярных вопросов на моем ютубе канале: "Габи, я еду в Израиль, что из косметики купить?"
Поэтому сегодня после долгих обдумий, я для вас суммировала те магазины, марки и продукты на которые вам следует обратить внимание.

Feb 22, 2014

White on White

Happy Weekend Guys!
In upcoming Monday we (me and my hubby) are going to two weeks vacation in Canary Islands a.k.a Tenerife. You can't imagine how excited I am. I'm definitely ready for or good food, some hiking at amazing Mt. Teide and all around the island, for some Spanish language and of course for shopping. My vacations always starts with Duty Free shopping (I have already huge list what I want, not sure I will get everything from my list, but we'll see). Did you know that Israeli Duty Free Shop is one of the biggest and best shops in all Europe at least? Worth a try!

Feb 17, 2014

Boho Mood

I have those days, when I want to fell special and different from everyone else. That’s when my love to boho style comes in. As for me, it don't need to be necessary something beautiful, however definitely something unique and unusual. The outfit you looking at, was billed around those lovely boots from Asos, I feel like I have hard time with those boots, it's hard to find perfect outfit with them. But in the second hand I find them perfect match with white boho dresses. Because we still in winter time (right, this year there is no winter in Israel guys, you have no idea how I missed the rain) I layered up my white dress with this chunky gray sweater and big fringe cross body bag. And still, I fell like something missing about the boots. Are you with me? What do you think?

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